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U18 – In Poznan – England Vs Ireland in final

U18 – In Poznan – England to face Ireland in final


On Tuesday, April 15th, 2014, the U18 semi-finals of the European Championships gave their result.

The Finals, identical to that of the 2012 in Madrid will deceive between England and Ireland in Wronki on Saturday, April 19th at 4:30 pm.

The 3rd place final will set Wales to France in Wronki again (12:30 am).u182014a


England 11-09 Wales in Pobiedziska
France 24-11 Ireland in Plewiska
Portugal 13-35 Scotland in Opalenica
Italy 15-13 Georgia in Opalenica

Next matches on Saturday, April the 19th, 2014-04-15

Finals in Wronki at 4 :30pm England-Ireland Internet live streaming
3rd/4th in Wronki at 12 :30am Wales-France Internet live streaming
5th place in Plewiska at 11am Scotland-Italy Internet live streaming
7th place Opalenica at 11am Portugal-Georgia Internet live streaming


England 11-09 Wales in Pobiedziska
Very intense match, with a strong wind blowing in favour of Wales during the first half. It was an envenly matched game and until the last 3 minutes, Wales led 9 – 8. English made a successfull penalty which lead them to the victory, 2 minutes before the end of the match. Both team playing a controlled defensive style, as well as hail and wind prevented from elaborating beautiful phases of rugby.

France 24-11 Ireland in Plewiska
We noticed the French’s lack of lucidity on their last gesture, during the first half, when the Irish lean on their scrum (17-11). France couldn’t find an offensive solution to score, the Irish team mastered the second half.

Portugal 13-35 Scotland in Opalenica
The Portuguese team played run out because of the wind, playing a lot with the ball (8-13). Scotland totally controlled the second half staying in the Portuguese’s side.

Italy 15-13 Georgia in Opalenica
Georgia played without varying the game, by challenging its forwards. Italy knew how to contain gallantly the Georgian assaults. Having spent a lot of energy in the first half, the Italian, who were led the whole match, ended with a victorious try, only two minutes of the end.


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