Rugby South America has a new logo

Rugby South America has a new logo

November 17, 2015

After a long process, open to the public in the region, South America Rugby defined its new logo, following the commitment to renew our name and logo.

The renaming of Confederación Sudamericana de Rugby (CONSUR) Rugby South America, formalized on June 6 in the Assembly, also required a change in the logo.The general decision was to conduct an open competition in the family of rugby in the region.

For this, more than 30 designs were received from different countries of our confederation following certain premises that help to identify.

In choosing a committee that integrated Sebastian Mejia Gil (captain of the Colombian national team, champion recent Sudamericano B), Paula Ishibashi (Brazil player preparing for the Olympics), Pablo Lemoine (Uruguay coach in the recent Rugby World Cup is named ), Edison Avellaneda (Ecuadorian player, by the Communication of the Federation), Agustin Pichot (member and Chairman of Rugby World Americas Rugby), Dominic Rumbles (Director of Communications World Rugby), the communication area of ​​South America Rugby and finally the vote Carlos Barbieri (President of South Rugby).

 Our goal was to involve the whole region so that together eligiéramos a logo, “said Barbieri. “Therefore, in the final stage we gave rugby fans the opportunity to contribute their vote through our social networks.”

“This openness makes us proud and is very likely that other regions use a system similar to that used by us . ”

Those designs received were reduced to five finalists and went to vote, also adding the vote of the people through social networks Rugby South America.

So, it was finally chosen the logo designed and presented by Franco and Daniel Boccardo, of Argentina.

“We wanted to represent the diversity of South America through the colors that are similar to the historical shirt South American Jaguars team that used in the ’80s. In addition, these colors are on the flags of the countries of South America Rugby, “ he explained Daniel and his son Franco.

daniel frank and Boccardo“The use of the oval represents our sport. The location diagonally gives dynamic movement. The bands give a sense of camaraderie and team, because together they form a separate figure and lose meaning. “

Both will receive in the coming days a shirt of selected South American Jaguars.

Finally, Barbieri declared: “This is an important step for our region and wanted to share with you.”




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