Peru win Sudamérica C Women’s Sevens Title

Peru South American 7s 2015 Champions

Peru win Sudamérica C Women’s Sevens Title

Peru are the women’s Rugby Sevens champions of the South American C division. Las Tumis  backed-up from day one by remaining undefeated, thereby defeating all other countries. Those involved were Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicarágua, Panama, Peru and the host nation of El Salvador.

Played on Friday and Saturday, the Rugby Sevens event was played around the senior men’s South American C Championship which was won by Guatemala. The disappointment of Costa Rica was replicated in the women’s Sevens event as Las Guarias fell to Peru in the Cup Final.

Prior to facing Peru Las Guarias had achieved three solid victories. They started the day with  a 36-7 win over Panama and subsequently defeated El Salvador 22-5 and Guatemala 27-0. Finishing below Costa Roca in third was Panama who defeated El Salvador 12-10 in the Bronze (Plate) Final.

The Peruvians 12-5 win over Costa Rica followed up from a 26-0 win over El Salvador and earlier victories of 53-0 vs Nicarágua and 36-0 against Panama. It saw Los Tumis claiming not only the title but also a place in the 2016 South American Women’s Rugby Sevens tournament in Rio de Janeiro. The event will take place on March 6-7 as a test ahead of the Olympic Games.

Day Two Results
El Salvador 22-0 Guatemala
Costa Rica 36-7 Panama
Nicarágua 0-53 Peru
Costa Rica 22-5 El Salvador
Nicarágua 0-50 Guatemala
Peru 36-0 Panama
Panama 41-0 Nicarágua
Costa Rica 27-0 Guatemala
El Salvador 0-26 Peru
Panamá 19-14 Guatemala
El Salvador 35-0 Nicarágua
Peru 12-5 Costa Rica

Bowl Final
Guatemala 49-0 Nicarágua

Plate Final
El Salvador 10-12 Panama

Cup Final
Peru 17-12 Costa Rica





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