Brazil Name 25 Players for Chile


Brazil Name 25 Players for Chile

Tupis Head Coach Rodolfo Ambrosio has named 25 players to face Chile this coming Saturday. The fixture is to be an opening round match in the Americas Rugby Championship and the greatest opportunity for both countries to win a fixture in the inaugural Americas Six Nations tournament.

The match is to be the 22nd between the South American countries. Chile has a vastly superior win-loss record in having won 19 times compared to Brazil’s 2. The teams also competed to one draw. The most recent match was won 32-3 by Los Cóndores in Santiago del Chile.

Ambrosio has named 25 players, of whom 7 play their rugby outside of Brazil. There is a new call-up for the French based Luiz Gustavo Vieira who is to join the Sincere brothers as Brazil’s French contingent. Also from abroad is David Harvey, a professional in the Australian NRC, ,and Yan Rosetti, Caique Silva and Stefano Giantorno from Argentina.

The squad are training in the rugby strong-hold of São José dos Campos in São Paulo state this week with Ambrosio to narrow the roster down to 23 for the match against Chile.

Player Club Union
Arthur Bergo SPAC São Paulo
Johannes Cremer Pasteur São Paulo
Caique Silva CUQ Argentina
Daniel Danielewicz Desterro Santa Catarina
Daniel Sancery Albi France
David Harvey NSW Country Australia
Felipe Sancery Albi France
Felipe Tissot Curitiba Paraná
Jardel Vettorato San Diego Rio Grande do Sul
João Luiz da Ros Desterro Santa Catarina
Laurent Bourda-Couhet Band Saracens São Paulo
Lucas Abud SPAC São Paulo
Lucas Duque São José São Paulo
Lucas Muller Desterro Santa Catarina
Lucas Piero Desterro Santa Catarina
Lucas Tranquez SPAC São Paulo
Luiz Vieira Oyonnax France
Mark Jackson Desterro Santa Catarina
Martin Schaefer SPAC São Paulo
Moisés Duque São José São Paulo
Nicholas Smith SPAC São Paulo
Stefano Giantorno San Luis Argentina
Vitor Ancina Curitiba Paraná
Wilton Rebolo São José São Paulo
Yan Rosetti CUBA Argentina





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