Rugby Europe : ENC2B – Cyprus vs Hungary 09/04/2016

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On Saturday the Cyprus Moufflons encounter Hungary in European Nations Cup division 2B at the Paphiacos Stadium in Paphos k.o. 2-00p.m . This will be the third game, and so far the Cypriots have proved too much for the Magyars, that have a greater pool of players and have been playing for decades. Like most former Soviet countries they tend to be big, physical, and ponderous, but nonetheless went down 46-13 on their last visit to Aphrodites isle.

Cyprus on Saturday 09 April 2016 against Hungary at the Paphiako stadium kick off 2pm.
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Stats Sources:  : RugbyEurope : Cyprus Rugby

The Moufflons have had a miserable season after being promoted into division 2 following their remarkable entry into European International Rugby, when they went six years without defeat and managed to establish a new world record for continuous victorious international games (24). At present only Hungary is propping them up in the division so Saturday’s game is crucial.

Rick Wadmore, team manager, is quietly confident and stated: ‘There are some exciting young players coming into the side that will present a challenge to the opposition. We haven’t lost to them in three previous games and don’t intend to now; Alex Zavallis is the division’s top scorer and he is part of a very fast back back line, that will create a few problems if the pack can supply the ball’.

Marco Mladanovic, the Moufflons captain made an emotional appeal to the supporters when he declared; ‘This weekend we are finally back on home turf at Paphiacos playing Hungary’; he went on, ‘We’ve learnt a lot over the last few games and are now ready to end the wave of losses. More than ever we need you guys and girls there, not only to cheer us on, but for us to prove our worth to you. Come and see a new generation of players entertain you with their courage and skills’.

The captain’s statement reflects the very close relationship between supporters and players which is emphasized by the fact the turnstile revenue hasn’t dropped even though the team has suffered severe set-backs since being promoted. The fans have there own web-site and are just as loyal, win or lose. The loyalty factor, reflected through gate receipts, is critical to the existence of rugby in Cyprus. Many of the current ills have arisen through lack of financial support; if it wasn’t for the parents and generous supporters, it would have been difficult for the country to fulfill its international commitments. Last June Cyprus traveled to the European Sevens Cup in Poland with a severely depleted squad yet managed to reach the final, coming away with the runner-up trophy. Many players and supporters believe the Sports Authority could do more for such a committed band of athletes.


POSSIBLE RR World Rankings outcome on Result

CYP (on 43.00 points) at home -vs- HUN (on 37.85  points)

Possible Outcome Rating Point
Will HUN
overtake CYP?
If CYP win by 1-15 points 0.185 43.19 37.66 No
If CYP win by more than 15 0.278 43.28 37.57 No
If result is a draw 0.815 42.19 38.66 No
If HUN win by 1-15 points 1.815 41.19 39.66 No
If HUN win by more than 15 2.723 40.28 40.57 Yes

“Cyprus Moufflons” FULL International Results as at 08/04/2016


It is also said the leagues are being restructured into regional leagues in the lower leagues next year . So if Cyprus beat Hungary they will be playing the likes of Malta, Israel, Croatia and Andorra whereas if they lose we’ll play Bulgaria, Greece etc . The league are also becoming 1 season leagues so they will play 4 games 2 home 2 away and that’s it . We are still awaiting full confirmation of the new format but we believe if you  finish 1st in your group you play 1st vs the equivalent of your league in the different region and that counts as your playoff ! 

Gate opens at mid-day, kick-off 2-00p.m. Admission 10 euros; children free. Food and drink available.

The Teams: 

Cyprus : 1. S. Theoklitou-Panagiotou 2. D. Gregoriou 3. M.Zakatiotis 4. A. Antoniou 5. S. Tuipolotu 6. C. Joannou 7. M. Mladenovic (Captain) 8. C. Toma  9. T. Burham 10. A. Zavallis-Roebuck 11. S. Awah 12. F. Efthymiou 13. S. Emery 14. M. Asprou 15. M. King
Replacements: 16. C. Kasabi  17. Y. Blond 18. S. Lennox 19. M. Bilton* 20. C. Constantinides 21. A. Tourfexis* 22. P. Nicoladies  23. M. Maratheftis

New caps *

Hungary : Németh Gábor , Máthé Zoltán , Réfi Attila , Jámbor Attila , Márki Roland , Tóth Dániel , Juan Carlos Berbesi , Duqroc Tamás , Czakó Attila , Katona Jonathan , Banu Alexandru , Almási Bence , Kőműves György , Collet Gergő , Nagyhegyesi Szabolcs ,
Replacements:Dan Tóth , Ted Coe , Drabbant Dávid , Stiglmayer Márk , Kósa Bálint , Raul Zaiba , Bozsik Bendegúz , Szimandl Krisztián

Sportigazgató: Neuzer András
Szövetségi kapitány: Ioan Teodorescu
orvos: Dr. Hidas Péter
gyúró: Benkó Magdi

09/04/2016 – 14:00 – Paphos (CY)
Referee : E. Tomo (IT)
Commissioner : M. Lesgourgues (FR)




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