[ Early Rugby Korea ] ‘ youth ‘ Kim Kyung Jin story

[ Early Rugby Korea ] ‘ youth ‘ Kim Kyung Jin story

Translated from http://www.sportnest.kr/2468

Rugby in the United Kingdom birthplace is a leading sports implied a lot of social and moral values in sport . The number of players in the sports events are (15 in Spain ) you play and start the game did not go forward firstly pass the ball back . Than any other sport punish violent games, but one game is finished, ‘No side’ to the top, and encourage each other with a declaration that the judgment . the major event to learn social solidarity and fair play .

Dynamic sport of rugby was not yet spread to many domestic standing . Rugby was first advertised in Japan since 1927 it was in the days of Japanese colonial rule in Korea rugby became known . 1929years at the time of Boseong College ( Present Korea University ) made a rugby team, the center is a Korean, not Japanese at was gradually propagated rugby in private schools and public schools . At the time Seoul private schools all popular at the time rugby so there is a rugby team It was worth .

To listen to South Korea early rugby story < Sports nest > The前rugby player Kim Kyung Jin (80,Korea University 56 – English ) found . He is middle and was working as a high school rugby playersin 1956 to attend year, Korea University followed a career as a rugby player I went . through the story of Dr. Kim Kyung Jin and South Korea want to talk about the early days of rugby .


▲ ( Left ) High School third grader soccer rugby captain at the time was the ‘ Youth ‘ Kim Kyung Jin

▲ ( right ) 50 In early tilted High School soccer club rugby practice – Scrum (Scrum) scene

* Scrum (Scrum): players are pushing forward their opponents with gun each other large arms

Football player who was the father and the mother was a school teacher .”

It would not have been that easy to wonder whether the current movement started rugby .

” My father was a football player mother was a school teacher yieotne . Then saw four did not oppose at all according to the motion . I went to junior high school at the time of the playground next to the school lug shares the ball home run I was a baseball player ditched caught the eye of rugby football team coach . ” Eopnya going to rugby ,” omgyeotji a rugby football team at the end of supervision . At the time the club haetgeodeun very strict . ”

Geoneyo who worked as a rugby player since junior high ?

” If . To learn in junior high Rugby haetne continue to rugby to go on tilting high school . At the time inde professor had to teach German literature from that teacher and rugby are jimyeongryeol later SNU four learned two minutes under rugby . Rugby football team size is 20 outside people about Ferme ”

” Even with the Japanese and the game was hadeorago say it reeks of garlic when the scrum . Those people also had a distinctive smell nagin mean . Of course, not poison Although the garlic smell .”

▲ 1955 after years of high school rugby championship rugby tilted soccer group photo

I wonder whether the time practice how to proceed .

” High school, usually after sieop 3-4 haetne daily practice by the time . I used to If this fight camp so big house one rents there ate rice slept sleep . Rugby Highway wonak ears to put the ball before the fight the wind stitching and also haetne . spike also wrote to repair it . not talk now, I can not imagine. ”

It would have been quite a risk of injury when practicing in the field at the time of the soil .

” So nakbeop One hard learned . Well he rolls hurt is I is not . Have had four if the problem largely injury suffered does not fit the pit of the stomach . It Does not hurt if you practice keeping only another rule ppunyiji one headgear as protection equipment greatly Yes . ”

 ▲ Korea University student at the time of Kim Kyung Jin ( second from right )

Finally You’ve go to Korea University hasyeotneunji Why choose English .

” Including this in the rugby soccer team Korea Seoul , alternately , yeonhui ( Present Yonsei University ), an emerging vs. ( Present Kyung Hee University ), Dongguk University , iteotne the Dankook University degree . At the time he teacher who taught the German language can be as English and Exercise I recommend that English and Korea University . ”

” Korea University 5 vs. Big Club ( Baseball , Basketball , High-speed hockey , football , rugby ) This5 stocks are myself, actively support the school . Yeah he worked as a rugby player without lacking in teaching by hiring a coach Coaches least a master’s degree . now it’s a team player in the 40- degree inside and outside the team, even if only the people, but the number of people at the time probably 20would have been about people . ”

4.19 revolution – died as a rugby player

University 4 Kim Kyung Jin was being attended to grade the 1960 years 4.19 will participate in the democratic movement . The 1960 years 4 Mon. 11 gimjuyeol group that was missing from one of Masan as found in the bloody corpse without a tear to the eye stuck to the citizens of anger this secondoccurred a demonstration car .

At the time the 1960 years 4 Mon 18 universities considered one four thousand students , ” Take for Fenghua height for the win of a true democratic ideals ,” read the the Declaration and forth went to a rugby football team student of those on Capitol Hill 40 there were people . Schools in the Capitol he suffered repression by force and violence of the shootings on his way back to Kim Kyung Jin is in the process shot and wounded in the right arm .

▲ 4.19 after exercise at the time the shot right arm surgery

” The hospital two had a month of hospitalization andwaeteo correctly surgery . At the time of medical facilities state to have I guess I was not able to properly treat his right arm hurt . Maybe it’s the shape nerve is hit . Wrists eventually bone dwaetneunde let eventually wrist or write properly Laughing] so dont be implanted in the vicinity of the power line on the hand . ”

” Again tried to pass a motion receives’s not possible to reduce the power in the hands repeatedly turned out to miss the ball . University last year, while that life eventually OB gone into the team . YBas a player life’s over . After the National Merit Laughing] because of the injury . ”

Korea University OB go after the activity as

Kim Kyung Jin will consider OB as has been steadily Rugby activities . Once the United States ,Canada , to participate in the Alumni Association as a senior graduate was also an exchange as rugby through chinseonjeon and rugby teams in Japan YB has supported the players . After Waseda University and rugby Exhibition for participation it was also going to Japan .

Kim Kyung Jin exchanges with the Korea University, a student at the time Japan was a situation that can not even honey dream in 1961 from the year universities in Japan, Waseda University, and consideration will begin to jeonggijeon splits his time between Tokyo and Seoul each year . Rugby Exhibition has 2004 been started from year Korea’s Kim Kyung Jin OB will participate in a two jeonggijeon .

What is the teacher rugby ?

” Rugby is a very gentlemanly sport not . Iteotne can be mental and physical maturity as through rugby . Game to inadvertently risk, but it is the price the party to the unfair tackle can not even be geoniwa almost do not even . So rugby because this game Manor the game rarely wear protective clothing even four . ”

” In the UK it is considered to be the best sources of sport gentleman . Of Oxford, England , rugby University of Cambridge Assessment is stocked with the best people and the game .”

If I want to have a chance to see one of rugby .

“5 Mon. 14 opens the Asian Rugby Championship match in four days . Korea and Hong Kong who work inde game you’re geya be helpful in understanding the rugby . In the future , you see, do not miss because some day .”




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