Dominican Republic Defeats Cuba in Máximo Gómez Cup


The Dominican Republic women’s Rugby Sevens team defeated Cuba to secure the Copa Máximo Gómez.  Played in Bayamo in Granma province the competition was extremely promising for what is a rapidly growing sport throughout the Americas.

Participating on international soil for the first time in their history, the Dominican Republic defeated Cuba 15-7. The match was one of three for the Dominican Republic women who also completed two wins against Havana.

The Dominican Republic’s men’s side also competed but did not play against a senior Cuba side. Instead they participated in the Cuban National Tournament, winning four and drawing one match.

Both the Dominican Republic and Cuba have been identified by Americas Rugby News as being future full members of Rugby Americas North. The Dominican Republic is currently an affiliate member. Earlier in the year in men’s rugby the Dominican Republic defeated Curaçao in an international.

Dominican Republic 5-5 Havana
Dominican Republic 14-0 Santiago de Cuba
Dominican Republic 29-0 Guantánamo
Dominican Republic 19-0 La Tuna
Dominican Republic 10-0 Granma

Dominican Republic 5-0 Havana
Dominican Republic 5-0 Havana
Dominican Republic 15-7 Cuba

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