Brazil Fall Flat Against Germany


Brazil fell flat against Germany this afternoon, losing 16-6 in Heidelburg. The fixture was the first of two this month between the countries.

Coming off a 24-21 upset over Uruguay, Germany were the form team. The two prior tests against Brazil in 2015 also favored the Central Europeans. Brazil’s improvement was evident though the South Americans fell flat in failing to score a try.

Germant led the game throughout. They opened the scoring in the 8th minute of play. Second-rower Michael Poppmeier scored an unconverted try. It was followed by a Raynor Parkinson penalty ten minutes later to give Germany a healthy 8-0 advantage.

Brazil did not trouble the scorers until the second half. A Moises Duque penalty made it a five point game after 45 minutes. Further opportunities followed, including possible tries. Brazil, though was unable to finish them off.

Parkinson kicked his second penalty of the afternoon in the 53rd minute. Additional German pressure then saw the game’s second and final try. Flanker Jaco Otto crossed to give Germany a thirteen point lead with twenty minutes remaining.

Brazil narrowed the score the ten through Duque. His second penalty would be the final score of the match. The close result will give both teams plenty to think about. They meet again next Saturday in Leipzig

Try: Poppmeier, Otto
Penalty: Parkinson (2)
Conversion: Parkinson (1)

Penalty: Duque (2)

1 Julius Nostadt, 2 Dasch Barber, 3 Samy Füchsel, 4 Eric Marks, 5 Michael Poppmeier, 6 Jaco Otto, 7 Adrien Theisinger, 8 Jarrid Els, 9 Tim Menzel, 10 Raynor Parkinson, 11 Marvin Dieckmann, 12 Carlos Soteras-Merz, 13 Marcel Coetzee, 14 Steffen Liebig, 15 Harris Aounallah

Replacements: 16 Dale Garner, 17 Jörn Schröder, 18 Chris Howells, 19 Timo Vollenkemper, 20 Sebastian Ferreira, 21 Daniel Koch, 22 Oliver Paine, 23 Clemens von Grumbkow

1 Jonatas Paulo, Yan Rossetti, 3 Caique Silva, 4 Gabriel Paganini, 5 Lucas Piero, 6 Cléber Dias, 7 João Luiz da Ros, 8 Nick Smith, 9 Beukes Cremer, 10 Guilherme Coghetto, 11 Stefano Giantorno, 12 Moisés Duque, 13 Felipe Sancery, 14 Mateus Estrela, 15 Daniel Sancery

Replacements: 16 Daniel Danielewickz, 17 Alexandre Figueiredo, 18 Wilton Rebolo, 19 Joabe de Souza, 20 Matheus Daniel, 21 Bruno Garcia, 22 Luan Smanio, 23 Robert Tenório

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