Paraguay Get Past Colombia in RWC Qualifier


Paraguay got past Colombia in a Rugby World Cup Qualifier this afternoon. The home side ran out 39-27 winners to book their spot in the 2017 South American A Championship. The competition will double as World Cup Qualification and will involve Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

In order to earn the win, the Paraguayans were forced into playing some impressive rugby. Colombia started the match as the better team. With a quarter of the game gone Los Tucanes were leading 12-6. They did so on the back of effective goal kicking from fullback José Diosa.

Paraguay hit back by using its backline effectively. Fullback Rodrigo Da Rosa, Emilio Gorostiaga and Hector Gayoso each went over for a try. All three were impressive in their own rights and involved Paraguay running the ball from deep.

Starting the second half with a 27-12 advantage Los Yakarés were on course for victory. Colombia, though, found their way back into the game. At one point it was 32-22 with Paraguay pressing for further points. Paraguay then scored against the run of play to secure the win. A late consolation try brought an end to the match.

1 Emilio Gorostiaga, 2 Juan Gavigan, 3 Alvaro Rojas, 4 Alejandro Montiel, 5 Andres Nasser, 6 Marcos Riquelme, 7 Martín Ortiz, 8 Maximo Gomez, 9 Gonzalo Bareiro, 10 Gerard Cuttier, 11 Hector Gayoso, 12 Carlos Bareiro, 13 Sebastian Urbieta, 14 Diego Argaña, 15 Rodrigo Da Rosa

Replacements: 16 Martín Sitjar, 17 Juan Gomez, 18 Joaquín Vera, 19 Carlos Plate, 20 Horacio Ocampos, 21 Gastón Navas, 22 Pablo Espinola, 23 Sergio Alvarenga

1 Jaider Pemberthy, 2 Manuel Correa, 3 Andrés Arango, 4 André Quintero, 5 Jhon Alvarez, 6 Gerson Ortiz, 7 Santiago Mejía, 8 Sebastian Mejía, 9 Oscar Forero, 10 Emmanuel Bedoya, 11 Maicol Machado, 12 Camilo Cadavid, 13 Pablo Lemoine, 14 Brayan Campiño, 15 José Diosa

Replacements: 16 Jorge Alvarez, 17 Mauricio Espinal, 18 Julian Navarro, 19 Hector Navarro, 20 Danny Giraldo, 21 Alejandro Vanegas, 22 Cristian Rodallegas, 23 Jhoaan Larrota

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