Rugby … Unknown successful team of Cyprus. Three young people talking to CT for the sport

Christiana Tsaggaris

Rugby a sport known mainly from the movies – but not so popular in Cyprus, since very few people know the existence of the Cyprus Federation of Rugby – The foreign press wrote about the great success of the Cypriot national team that broke the world record managing 24 consecutive wins – Three young Cypriots involved in the sport talking to Cyprus Times 

Rugby football is a format developed in the 19 the century in England and later in America. Cyprus made its appearance more organized in 2007 with a friendly match with the corresponding group of Greece. The first group was created in Paphos. The sport is not widely popular in our country. Ten years later, few people know the existence of, although one can find rugby team in each city.

There Cypriot league, and it has created and the National Team participating in races abroad as the European Championship of small states and the European Championship Rugby 7 × 7. On May 6 will indeed crucial match at Pafiako against Croatia. Since the beginning of the national team managed to steal the impressions. Struggling with the emblem of “mouflon” and managed to break the world record, which is owned by New Zealand, are achieved 24 consecutive wins.

Three young Cypriots involved in rugby speak in Cyprus Times .

Panagiotis Nikolaidis

“The sport is not as well known as federation because we can not afford to showcase the sport. It’s hard to know someone and be able to participate, either as a fan or as an athlete because it is not advertising. I joined the group in 2014 and immediately loved the sport. I think that is exactly what suits my character. Respected in the field and the opposing team and arbitration. We are friends on and off the field. 

In the national team participating and repatriated Cypriots or Cypriots living in New England or elsewhere and wish to play with the colors of Cyprus. The mission consists of 25 people and play 13 teams competing in the Cypriot league is the Paphos Tigers who trained in the court of Tala, Limassol Crusaders that the train behind B Technical School of Nicosia and the Barbarians who trains at the stadium the THOI Lakatamia and struggling to Horn. Participants also groups British Akrotiri and Dhekelia SBA.

Not paid none of the athletes, even made donations among athletes than those who can to help the mission to matches abroad.

The Cyprus Rugby Omopondia receives some grants from the CMO. ”

Phidias Efthymiou

“I met rugby from Limassol academies at an early age. It became a way of life and my dream was always to participate in the national team of the island. I did the workouts with patience and perseverance, and I played in the Cyprus Championship to get better, so to catch my goal. This gradually became and always had in mind that we can go very high. Which was smashing the world record in consecutive wins national teams.

We originally did not expect the world record. We were more focused to win our games and to survive as federation.

We knew that only victories would keep the Cyprus Rugby continue only way to continue funding. In my opinion, from 16 victory we knew we were on the verge of something great and it was not only broke the world record, but crashed with 24 consecutive wins since he was 18 and held by New Zealand.

At that time the group had was very hard and we all had in our minds and in our souls the spirit of a winner. We had difficult moments, such as the economic crisis transferred from Cyprus but this did not discourage us but made us even stronger pitch.

We had nothing to lose but more to gain. You must understand that Cyprus, although a small country, has a proud people that hard work can bring the desired and elusive distinctions even internationally. The only thing I wish is to show us the proper treatment and will be able to develop further the sport and go even higher. ”

 Dimitris Grigoriou

“On my first taste of rugby sport I took at the age of 15 when I went to live in Scotland for three years. I had never heard of the sport, but with the first contact I fell in love. In my opinion it is the best sport there is and I am sorry that is not known in our country. There is such a feeling that resembles what I feel when I play rugby, this adrenaline, speed, fighting spirit and intelligence of the game make it worth any sacrifice. Is the favorite time of the week when I play, because this sport is my passion.

The memorable moment that I experienced was when I participated in the national in the European Championship Rugby 7 × 7 in Gdansk, Poland. There with incredibly talented my teammates though we were nine instead of 13 written in the scoresheet managed to get the second place of the championship losing in a final against the host Poland, but defeating undefeated in previous tournaments, giant countries in the sport such as Ukraine ‘ .

The moment we found the podium with tears because we wanted at all costs the first place, so we felt value representing our Cyprus and uploads as high as any other time in history. ”




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