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Liga Sul Americana de Rugby Confirmed for 2020

photo credit: Gabriel Orellana / Rugby Chile

Liga Sul Americana de Rugby Confirmed for 2020

The Liga Sul Americana de Rugby has been confirmed for 2020. South America’s professional rugby competition will debut as an eight team league featuring competitors from five different countries – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

The Liga Sul Americana de Rugby will utilize the acronym LAR, notably missing the letter ‘S’. This in itself is strategic as the possibility of LAR expanding beyond South America to become Latin American is real.

For 2020 the Liga Sul Americana de Rugby will see involve eight franchises. These teams are to be based in Argentina (2), Brazil (2), Chile (1), Paraguay (1), and Uruguay (2).

In Asunción, Paraguay Sudamérica Rugby President Sebastián Piñeyrúa presented LAR. He did so with Daniel Hourcade also present.

Athletes to play in the competition will be a combination of players from the respective five countries and imported players. It is understood that there will be a push to have Argentine players involved in teams from the remaining countries and also the prospect of including players from outside the region, notably from the Pacific Islands.

Piñeyrúa has previously noted that Colombia is on the radar to be included. Also in the frame, further down the road, are Mexico and Peru.

Mexico’s non-involvement for the time being is related to the possibility of Major League Rugby (MLR). There have been moves for not only Canada but also Mexico to join the USA’s professional competition. A team based in Mexico City has been raised as more than a remote possibility.

There are also plans for there to be matches between teams from LAR and MLR, giving birth to an Americas version of the European Champions Cup.

The LAR is to function with a franchise system but with a strong involvement from unions. The unions from each country are to retain sporting control; the commercial partners will not be able to access greater than 49% of the entities.

How the unions will find the funding for new venture has also been explained. World Rugby is to provide 50% of the costs of the league.

Americas Rugby News August 22, 2018

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