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Is a Good Video Game Integral for Rugby to Grow Its Global Audience?

To help with rugby’s global expansion, can a good rugby-themed video game be the answer? Find out more right here.

Rugby is now played in more than 100 countries around the world, but to help with the sport’s further global expansion, could a good video game be integral? Here is a closer look at today’s most popular rugby video games available across multiple devices you can enjoy playing right now.

Where is rugby most popular?

Rugby is one of the most popular sports on the planet, and according to the official rugby world rankings, there are now over 100 member nations. However, the sport is currently looking for ways to expand further, and could a well-developed rugby video game be the answer?

The top 15 countries where rugby is most popular in order of their current official rugby world rankings are the following:

  • #1 – Ireland
  • #2 – France
  • #3 – New Zealand
  • #4 – South Africa
  • #5 – England
  • #6 – Australia
  • #7 – Scotland
  • #8 – Argentina
  • #9 – Wales
  • #10 – Japan

At #11 on the official world rankings is Samoa. Italy is currently ranked at #12. Georgia is currently ranked at #13. Fiji is in at #14, and Tonga is currently ranked at #15. Some of the other major rugby nations today include Spain, Uruguay, Portugal, the USA, Romania, Namibia, Chile, Canada, Hong Kong, Russia, Belgium, and Brazil, to name just a few.

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What good rugby games are there, and can they help with the expansion of rugby?

There are more than 40 rugby video games out there today, but there aren’t enough decent games that could really help expand the sport. Therefore, rugby is crying out for a smash-hit title.

One of the most iconic rugby video games you can play right now is the Rugby 22 game, which first arrived in early 2022. It was developed by EKO Software and published by Nacon, and it’s available on the following consoles/devices:

  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • Microsoft Windows

One or two other fun Rugby-themed video games are also worth checking out, such as Rugby 2020, Big Ben Interactive Rugby 18, Rugby Challenge 3, Rugby League Live, and Rugby Challenge 4.

If someone hasn’t ever played rugby before, having a dedicated rugby video game could be highly beneficial for the sport, provided it comes with amazing graphics and animations, and it’s fun and easy to play. It could help reach people where rugby may not be as popular as in other parts of the world.

Rugby video games can help new players understand the rules and get a much better feel for the game they otherwise couldn’t get, and the Rugby 2020 and Rugby 2022 are two of the best games to try before playing any others.

If any new rugby-themed video games are released in 2023, they will undoubtedly help even more with the sport’s global expansion. For the time being, the IRB (International Rugby Board) is one of the main bodies helping to promote the sport and grow the global audience.

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