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Preview: Trinidad & Tobago v USA South (16-06-18)

Earlier reports that Trinidad & Tobago had dropped out of the Rugby Americas North Championship have proven inaccurate. A Cayman Islands media source initially reported the withdrawal but T&T officials have since confirmed to Americas Rugby News that they are, in fact, still in the Championship.

The confusion seems to have arisen from a funding concern that has seen their third match of the competition against the Cayman Islands postponed. Originally scheduled for June 23, a new date has yet to be confirmed with TTRFU President Colin Peters hoping to have the matter settled soon pending the release of government funding.

In the meantime T&T has confirmed their roster for their match against the USA South Panthers at St. Mary’s College Grounds in Port-of-Spain on Saturday. Kickoff is set for 4pm local time.

TaT (on 45.51 points) at home -vs- USS (on 47.20 points)

RR WORLD RANKINGS (Points Available)

Possible Outcome Rating Point
New TaT
Will TaT
overtake USS?
If TaT win by 1-15 points 0.869 46.38 46.33 Yes
If TaT win by more than 15 1.304 46.81 45.90 Yes
If result is a draw 0.131 45.38 47.33 No
If USS win by 1-15 points 1.131 44.38 48.33 No
If USS win by more than 15 1.696 43.81 48.90 No

Trizine McLean, Felician Guerra (capt.), Ernest Wright, Jamal Clark, Nicholas Lobo, Darren Clancy, Kirby Hosang, Gordon Dalgliesh, Johnason Alleyne, Sebastian Navarro, Anderson Joseph, Joseph Quashie. Sefanaia Waqa, Jamaal Stewart, Leon Pantor, Anthony Rajkumar, Andrew Welch, Mark Griffith, Shakeel Dyte, Adam Frederick, Agboola Silverthorn, Karlon Alexander, James Phillip

Alex Maughan , Austin Grant ,Lyall Harrison ,Sean Hunt ,Alex Nazon ,David Coleman ,Matthew Coore ,Willis Hardaway ,Andrew Winters ,Hein Erasmus ,Michael Martinez ,Francesco Balsas ,Ethan Winel ,Jarrett Gartin ,Nathan Ring ,Renaldo Arroya ,Ian Lehn ,Jason Paul ,Kiel McAuley ,Zach Miller ,John Bryant ,Patrick Audino ,Stephen Cappello ,Fred Reynolds , Rene Daniel , Calvin Storey , Lucas Baistrocchi , Gary Kent , Kevin Kitto



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