ENC PlayOff 2C-2D 07 June – Bosnia and Herzegovina v Austria

Follow @RedefinedRugby     Bosnia and Herzegovina - Austria ENC relegation, Referee: Afonso Nogueira (PT) Venue:Tešanj, Luke stadium The playoffs are: Austria plays against Bosnia and Herzegovina After patience appearing in infinite, the decision is made, the opponent of the ibex in the playoffs to remain in Group 2 C on June 7 is Bosnia and Herzegovina. www.rugby-austria.at The

TEST RUGBY RESULTS: Saturday 12 October

Follow @RedefinedRugby TEST RUGBY RESULTS: Saturday 12 October 12.10.2013 Poland 30 v 10  Czech Republic in Warsaw (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 1B) Latvia 25 v 14 Serbia in Valmeria (ENC 2B) Norway 24 v 12  Finland in Turku (ENC 2D) Greece 20 v 17 Bosnia Herzegovina in Bihac (ENC 2D) A Summary World Cup Qualifying Europe R4; ENC