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August 9, 2012

The Rugby Championship will be one of the world’s premier international rugby competitions and the new trophy that will represent the ultimate symbol of Southern Hemisphere supremacy has been revealed by SANZAR.

The exciting new evolution of the Tri-Nations kicks off on 18 August with the Rugby Championship featuring three double World Champions in the All Blacks, Springboks and Wallabies, as well as the exciting addition of the Argentinean Pumas.

The new trophy will be presented to the winner each year from 2012 onwards. Each team is to play the other three at home and away with the total competition points after the 12 matches deciding the winner.

SANZAR CEO Greg Peters explained the thinking behind the trophy.

“The new trophy embodies all the elements of The Rugby Championship,” he said.

“A competition of the best versus the best in world rugby, with the four teams competing ranked one, two, three and eight in the world. Over the years the competition and trophy will develop its own heritage and legacy and we look forward to that evolving.”

The stainless-steel trophy was designed by Sydney based consultancy Blue Sky, and reflects The Rugby Championship logo by incorporating the ‘H’s’ as the goal posts to support the bowl. The gold panels on the bowl signify the status of the trophy and will recognise the winner of the championship.

The trophy stands 56cm tall, and weighs approximately 5kg. It was made using the latest materials and state-of-the-art design processes, before being completed with a polish to bring the new trophy up with a mirror finish.

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