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Auckland lead the way with big wins on Day One of World Hottest Sevens

New Zealand powerhouse Auckland set the tone on Day One of the Worlds Hottest Sevens in Darwin today with 3 big wins, two of those victories coming against big named Australian sides Randwick and Sunnybank.

Auckland who struggled in failing to defend their national title in Queenstown earlier this month came flying out of the blocks early today with a 27.5 win over Randwick and closely followed this up against the form Australian side Sunnybank 33.0.

Auckland will not have it all their own way tomorrow when the action heats up even further in the knock-out stages with reigning champions the Borneo Eagles also ending today unbeaten beating Canberra 28.19 and Iconz 38.10 before finishing the day with a comfortable 42.0 win over Veitacini.

The crowds were denied seeing Fijian side Daveta take to the field due to visa issues in entering the country, meaning that Super 15 side the ACT Brumbies had a more comfortable day than expected but were still unable to top their group following a defeat to the Tsunami Wavewearers who will be on the look out for more scalps come the Quarter-Finals tomorrow.

The Australian Thunderbolts who are the shadow side of the national team that is currently in Wellington preparing for the World Sevens Series did not have it all their own way, winning 2 of their 3 matches with victories coming against Papau New Guinea and the Wisdom King Browns but defeat coming against the Black Stallions.

The Borneo Eagles and Auckland will head into Day Two as favorites for the crown but the Wavewearers, ACT and Thunderbolts will be hot on their heels.

Full Action from Auckland v Sunnybank below

Video streaming by Ustream Full Results – Pitch One

Bungendore Mudchooks 34 v Katherine Brahman 10
East Arnhem 24 v Outback Chiefs 19
Veitacini 19 v ICONZ Rugby 5
SRC Borneo Eagles 28 v Canberra Ozboks 19
ACT Brumbies (Womens) 37 v Mt Erica A (Womens) 0
University Pirates 27 v KRU Rucking Roos (Gold) 0
Collie Threads 10 v Delta Company 26
Sunnybank 21 v NT Mosquitoes 0
Auckland Rugby Union 27 v Randwick 5
Australian Thunderbolts 26 v Wisdom King Browns 19
Papua New Guinea 19 v Team Stallions 19
Pirtek Blackwater Basilisks 24 v Swampdogs 19
Barraba Rams 12 v Larakia Titans 15
Mt Erica A (Womens) 32 v Mudder Ruckers (Womens) 0
SRC Borneo Eagles 38 v ICONZ Rugby 10
Daveta – Bye 0 v ACT Brumbies 35
Sunnybank (Womens) 43 v Pink Bits (Womens) 0
Tsunami Wavewearers 34 v Casuarina 0
Auckland Rugby Union 33 v Sunnybank 0
Randwick 48 v NT Mosquitoes 7
Woy Woy Lions RUC 0 v Kununurra Smashed Crabs 29
South Darwin 12 v Central Crusaders 21
SRC Borneo Eagles 42 v Veitacini 0
ICONZ Rugby 36 v Canberra Ozboks 5
ACT Brumbies (Womens) 27 v East Arnhem (Womens) 0
ACT Brumbies 24 v Casuarina 17
Palmerston 24 v KRU Rucking Roos (Green) 10
The Outlaws 31 v 1st Brigade 0
Randwick 24 v Sunnybank 7
Auckland Rugby Union 36 v NT Mosquitoes 5
Wisdom King Browns 14 v Team Stallions 24
Papua New Guinea 22 v Australian Thunderbolts 24
Mt Erica Beez (Womens) 24 v Central Desert Scorpions (Womens) 5

Full Results – Pitch Two

Game Time Team Score Team Score
Pirtek Blackwater Basilisks 5 v Larakia Titans 36
Barraba Rams 0 v Swampdogs 43
1st Brigade 12 v Palmerston 26
The Outlaws 46 v KRU Rucking Roos (Green) 0
ACT Brumbies 12 v Tsunami Wavewearers 29
Daveta – Bye 0 v Casuarina 35
Central Desert Scorpions (Womens) 0 v Sunnybank (Womens) 41
Pink Bits (Womens) 10 v Casuarina Cougars (Womens) 24
Mudder Ruckers (Womens) 5 v East Arnhem (Womens) 24
Forward Ho (Womens) 0 v ACT Brumbies (Womens) 65
Woy Woy Lions RUC 0 v Central Crusaders 38
South Darwin 25 v Kununurra Smashed Crabs 5
Bungendore Mudchooks 7 v Outback Chiefs 36
East Arnhem 45 v Katherine Brahman 7
1st Brigade 29 v KRU Rucking Roos (Green) 10
The Outlaws 41 v Palmerston 12
Casuarina Cougars (Womens) 38 v Mt Erica Beez (Womens) 0
Veitacini 21 v Canberra Ozboks 19
University Pirates 15 v Delta Company 12
Collie Threads 21 v KRU Rucking Roos (Gold) 7
East Arnhem (Womens) 29 v Forward Ho (Womens) 5
ACT Brumbies (Womens) 36 v Mudder Ruckers (Womens) 0
Australian Thunderbolts 14 v Team Stallions 19
Papua New Guinea 21 v Wisdom King Browns 14
Katherine Brahman 0 v Outback Chiefs 33
East Arnhem 38 v Bungendore Mudchooks 0
Larakia Titans 12 v Swampdogs 17
Barraba Rams 7 v Pirtek Blackwater Basilisks 36
Sunnybank (Womens) 50 v Mt Erica Beez (Womens) 7
Pink Bits (Womens) 31 v Central Desert Scorpions (Womens) 5
KRU Rucking Roos (Gold) 12 v Delta Company 17
Collie Threads 7 v University Pirates 19
Central Crusaders 40 v Kununurra Smashed Crabs 0
South Darwin 67 v Woy Woy Lions RUC 0
Forward Ho (Womens) 5 v Mt Erica A (Womens) 46
Sunnybank v Casuarina Cougars (Womens)

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