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ENC1A – All goes to Script

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VIDEO  Preview 08/02/2014
09 34
VIDEO Preview 08/02/2014
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VIDEO Preview 08/02/2014
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Portugal loses to Georgia (9-34) and qualification for the World Cup ends

Portugal lost against Georgia, by 34-9 in the RBS 6 Nations B, played at University Stadium in Lisbon has ended their RWC2015 Hopes The “wolves” and even began, converting a penalty kick after just three minutes, but the formation of Eastern European side reacted instantly converted three penalty kicks and a Try .

By halftime, the “Wolves” were 14pts behind and at the end of the second half increased to 25, showing that the Portuguese team is light years away from strong Georgian team. With this defeat, Portugal ceases to have any chance of winning the tournament and see the qualification for the World Cup 2015 farther away, it falls to 5th place with 7 points, 3 less than Spain (4) and less than 11 than Russia (3), which is equivalent to say that the national team needs to win all their matches, and expect Russia to miss everyone, to be present at the biggest event Rugby World, scheduled for summer 2015 at various stages of England. –

There are several casualties in the national team, some by injury, others for “unavailability” of players.Among the absences stand out from the Julien Bardy, Juan Severino, Francisco Fernandes, Frederico Oliveira, Tony Martins, Cristian Spachuk, Francisco Vieira de Almeida and Samuel Marques. –

The “Lelos” have no defeat in six games already played – just gave a draw in Romania – and in recent years have shown to be very similar to some selections from the Six Nations, such as Italy and Scotland level. – Portugal and Georgia have met 16 times and the selection of East takes clear advantage: 10 wins and four losses – there have already been two draws. The last Portuguese triumph was nine years ago. –

Only the top two automatically guarantee a place in the World 2015. The third place will have to play a playoff that also involve the second best in the African qualifying zone (probably Madagascar or Uganda), the third zone positioned the Americas (almost certainly Uruguay) and the country to stay second in the clearance Asia.

Oaks win against Russia’s offensive and get bonus

Ionut Dumitru scored a touchdown in the victory against Russia Oaks (3-34). Ionut Dumitru scored a touchdown in the victory against Russia Oaks (3-34).

Nebug disputed due to adverse weather conditions in Krasnodar, Russia-Romania match ended with success in the Oaks have received the bonus offense managed to score four tries hosts.

The first half was a balanced aware that Russians play their last chance to occupy the second position gave a courageous reply so after the first quarter hour the result was a draw, 3-3, respectively Oaks Kushnarev Vlaicu for scoring the penalty kick.

Next game took place between the two lines more than 22, and Vlaicu Kushnarev missing many attempted target from a distance, the overture to the Russians in May with a wasted opportunity to score points. End of the first part belonged Stejarilor who have won the game in advance and after several attempts to break through the defense finished essay Burcea transformation Vlaicu setting the result at halftime: Russia, Romania 3-10.

Oaks began the second half in strength after only five minutes Vlaicu has done duty transformer succeeded in our account three points from a penalty kick. With a difference of ten points our team continued to play it safe on the Russians in exchange for 13 players remaining after Gerasimov and Voytov received yellow cards, first for a tackle on Fercu tall, the other player the Bears to a plywood air after an edge. Numerical superiority was exploited oak that after a mole has completed a new action with the essay, the author of success being Lucaci, Vlaicu not wrong target, transforming our center leading score of 20-3 outcome.

The last ten minutes made two other attempts to oak, I. Dumitru Manole in 70 minutes and finally managed to score essays which ensured the bonus offense. Vlaicu Calafeteanu that transformed his colleagues both successful outcome are: Russia, Romania 3-34, a win bonus offensive Oaks practically qualifies for the World Cup 2015 with a ten point lead over the Bears and the following two dispute scheduled at home against Spain and Belgium.

Russia-Romania 3-34 (3-10)    -08.02.2014 Nebug

Referee: David Wilkinson, Gary Conway, Eddie Hogan, O’Connell (Ireland)

Scorers: Kushnarev (lp) or Burcea (s) Lucaci (s) , I.Dumitru (s), Manole (s), Vlaicu (2LP, 3TR) Calafeteanu (tr)

Russia 1.Gregory Tsnobiladze (Krasny Yar), 2. Vladislav Korshunov (VVA Podmoskovye), 3.Andrey Igretsov (Slavia)), 4. Alexander Voytov (c) (VVA Podmoskovye) 5. Kirill Kulemin (Sale Sharks), 6. Andrey Ostrikov (Sale Sharks), 7. Andrey Garbuzov (Krasny Yar), 8. Andrey Temnov (Yenisey), 9. Alexander Yanyushkin (VVA Podmoskovye), 10. Yuri Kushnarev (RC Kuban), 11. Igor Galinovskiy (Krasny Yar), 12. Alexey Makovetskiy (Krasny Yar), 13. Dmitry Gerasimov (Yenisey), 14. Andrey Otrokovice (Krasny Yar), 15. Vasily Artemyev (Krasny Yar).

Reserves: 16. Valery Tsnobiladze (Krasny Yar) 17. Alexey Volkov (VVA-Podmoskove) 18. Innokenty Zykov (Yenisey), 19. Paul Butenko (Yenisey), 20. Victor Gresev (Krasny Yar), 21. Anton Ryabov (Krasny Yar), 22. Sergey Sugrobov (Glory), 23. Sergey Ianiushkin (VVA-Podmoskove).

Romania: 1. Mihaita Lazar (Castres), 2. Andrei Radoi (Ealing Trailfinders), 3. John Paul (Perpignan), 4. Marius Serbian (Tarbes), 5. Valentin POPIRLAN (RCM Timisoara), 6. Viorel Lucaci (CSA Steaua), 7. Mihai Macovei (C) (St. Nazaire), 8. Stelian Burcea (RCM Timisoara). September.Florin Surugiu (CSM Bucuresti), 10. Valentin Calafeteanu (RCM Timisoara), 11. Ionut Dumitru (CSA Steaua), 12. Florin Vlaicu (RCJ Middlesbrough), 13. Csaba Gal (CSM Baia Mare), 14. Madalin Lemnaru (RCM Timisoara), 15. Catalin Fercu (RCM Timisoara).

Reserves: 16. Eugen Capatana (RCM Timisoara), 17. Andrei Ursache (Carcasonne), 18. Horace bag (Scarlets), 19. Cristian Munteanu (USRP), 20. Vlad Nistor (Castres), 21. Dorin Manole (Orthez) 22. Florin Ionita (CSA Steaua), 23. Cristian Dinis (CSM Baia Mare).

Spain 11 – 06 Belgium : Spain takes a big step for permanence

Labbe, with oval and advance Negrillo meters against Belgium.

Labbe, with ball and advance Negrillo meters against Belgium. FER.

Spain took a giant step against relegation after beating Belgium , 11-6 in the section on the seventh day of shock Championship FIRA-AER European Nations , and qualifying for the 2015 Rugby World Cup match at the National Stadium Rugby University City of Madrid.

Rough Party in Central with many inaccuracies in the game at hand. Spain offered a good defense to the leathery Belgian striker, who played much stuck to the rucks. Still, Spain turned to sin in a certain discipline and committed three penalty strokes, of which the Black Devils took only one on the break, to get ahead 0-3. Spain plays as the attempt in three quarters, playing more aggressively.

Poggi and Belzunce were active instead. But the game was still very stationary, with many scrums. Belgium came close to scoring after a kick to follow, which came Sempere to leave the Spanish test area. The Lions went up and got the best move of the match.

Matt Cook pressed the kick from his scrum half and forced the touch. Spain was shown and made ​​in the maul to get into the test area who posed Federico Negrillo . After the break, Belgium came out and almost plugged surprise Spain with two consecutive plays in which they were stopped five meters test. The most critical minutes resulted in a penalty stroke kicked to death by Williams , who scored and returned the lead for the visitors, 6-5. But lions do not collapsed and went on the attack. With head, managed to score six points at the bottom, through Snee , in the following two occasions when he reached 22. Spain placed an income 11-6 midway through the half.

Spain was better than the opponent, but equality in the score remained until the end. He could not have more chances to walk though Labadie and Poggi came close to breaking the defensive line. Belgium also got his chance when Negrillo suffered the Sin Bin .

The Belgians decided to shoot on sticks but Williams marró his third kick in the match, held back its pressure. Spain went up with one less forced and yellow to match the race for repeated fouls the opposing team. In the final minutes, Belgium took over the oval but could not beat the Spanish defense.With this victory, won his first victory in the European Championship 2013/14 and add 10 points to be placed fourth overall. Belgian sum defensive bonus and placed on six points, one ofPortugal , fifth.

UPDATED ENC 1 A Standings


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