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ENC PlayOff 2C-2D 07 June – Bosnia and Herzegovina v Austria

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Bosnia and Herzegovina – Austria

ENC relegation, Referee: Afonso Nogueira (PT)

Venue:Tešanj, Luke stadium

The playoffs are: Austria plays against Bosnia and Herzegovina

After patience appearing in infinite, the decision is made, the opponent of the ibex in the playoffs to remain in Group 2 C on June 7 is Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Photo (c) Arian Lehner

The European Nations Cup 2012-2014 game phase ends with the so-called playoffs, which decide on the ascent and descent in the respective group. Austria has fixed hollidays (10-3) on Slovenia on 3 may have its place in the relegation with the home win. Last Saturday Finland defeated although Bosnia and Herzegovina with 29-25 (7-20), with the “losing” bonus point climbed the Bosnians about the Norwegians to rank second in the Group table and secured the relegation place.

Appointment for the relegation is coming Saturday

The talks between trainers and involve of both teams showed that the June 7 as the date was chosen for the edition of the relegation game. This has two reasons: some squad players of the clubs Rugby Union Danube Vienna and Rugby Club Innsbruck will be for the State Championship final on June 14 at the Hohe Warte Stadium, and the Congress of the European Association of FIRA-AER will be held 2012-2014 a week later for the purpose of formal accounts of ENC phase of the game. Although that means a challenge in travel planning and attunement to the situation, but Stadium in Tesanj is played next Saturday in the hatch at 16:00. Therefore, the semi finals in the National League between RC Graz and Wombats RC on Whit Monday was moved at 15:00.

For the Austrian national team, it is the last chance to play Cup in Group 2 C in the next European Nations together against Serbia, Slovenia, Luxembourg and Denmark. The Austrians want to avoid at all costs but a decline in Group 2D. Therefore, they take on the challenge and want to prove they’re as fit for this League.


ENC-Cup playoff 2C-D: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Austria
Date of the match: Saturday, the 7th. June, 2014, kick off time: 16:00 pm
Venue: Tešanj, Luke stage, Bosnia and Herzegovina

To the establishment and relegated:

Games played between the Bosnia & Herzegovina and Austria
16-Oct-04 Austria 12 – 07 Bosnia & Herzegovina
25-Sep-04 Bosnia & Herzegovina 10 – 29 Austria
12-Jun-04 Bosnia & Herzegovina 17 – 23 Austria
14-Jun-03 Austria 25 – 06 Bosnia & Herzegovina
17-Oct-98 Austria 26 – 19 Bosnia & Herzegovina

Overall Stats Bosnia & Herzegovina

Overall Stats Austria
Games Played 5 Games Played 5
*Games Won 0 *Games Won 5
*Games Lost 5 *Games Lost 0
Games Drawn 0 Games Drawn 0
*Longest Winning Streak 0 *Longest Winning Streak 5
*Longest Losing Streak 5 *Longest Losing Streak 0
*Largest Points For 19 *Largest Points For 29
*Largest Points Against 29 *Largest Points Against 19
*Largest Winning Margin 0 *Largest Winning Margin 19
*Largest Losing Margin -19 *Largest Losing Margin 0
*Total Points For 59 *Total Points For 115
*Avg Points For 11.80 *Avg Points For 23
*Total Points Against 115 *Total Points Against 59
*Avg Points Against 23 *Avg Points Against 11.80
*Total Points Difference -56 *Total Points Difference 56
*Avg Points Difference -11.20 *Avg Points Difference 11.20
* = By Bosnia & Herzegovina * = By Austria

POSSIBLE RR World Rankings outcome on Result

BIH (on 34.54 points) at home -vs- AUT (on 36.58 points)

Possible Outcome Rating Point
Will BIH
overtake AUT?
If BIH win by 1-15 points 0.904 35.44 35.68 No
If BIH win by more than 15 1.356 35.90 35.22 Yes
If result is a draw 0.096 34.44 36.68 No
If AUT win by 1-15 points 1.096 33.44 37.68 No
If AUT win by more than 15 1.644 32.90 38.22 No

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