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Result | NACRA – Jamaica 08 v 34 Mexico

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Mexico continues firmly in NACRA XVs 2014!

Jamaica 2014

Mexico beat Jamaica by 34-8 in their second match in the tournament.


Facing an audience of about 350 spectators – attended the Mexican Ambassador in Jamaica, Gerardo Lozano and his family – the Mexican National Rugby Union team manages to impose his style of play during the two halves of the match.

After a change to the 2 minute where the wing Damian Arias leaves with sprained left ankle, Fharid Sámano enters looking for counteracts the physical game that Jamaica was looking for.

At minute 16, after a number of you were in place on the local computer, Mexico capitalizes on a criminal to posts to get ahead in the 3-0 scoreboard.

Two minutes later, Jamaica, resets and tie kicking a penalty after forward swiftly by his right side and cause the criminal, against the Mexican defensive slippage.

This served to the Mexican set for returning to the base that had been raised of patience and care of the ball. This materializes 6 minutes later with a try from Simon Pierre Restrung two phases of game after throwing a line 10 meters from the contrary ingoal area.

Mexico went looking for control party while conditions in the countryside were preventing a good handling of the ball. The humidity made the ball feel as “a SOAP”, in the words of the Mexican Captain Max Douek.

Therefore, we sought to play more with “fronts” and thus cause that Jamaica will focus its efforts on stopping the attack in short spaces and open the field for the dangerous Mexican open game.

In the 32 minute, the Mexican patient yielded fruit since after incisive pressure with their front, the excellent play of hands of their backs transmits the ball from the right side to the left where Fharid Sámano responds to the trust placed in him and scoring a try which is converted by Lucas Collavizza.

In the last minute of the first half to Mexico is presented another opportunity to show its front strength when a scrum on the right side of the field. Mizael Loredo “handyman” ask your Captain if they try to scoring a try pushing, and seeing that they were about 15 metres away, they laugh and say “is a little far, no?”.

Once started the push, heart and Mexican passion was leading step by step to the Jamaican group until, in despair of not being able more, the local computer collapses training for what the referee decreed the criminal try in favor of MEXICO! Without a doubt, it is the collective effort of an entire country.

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This ended the first half with the score 22-3-national team.

To start the second half, Mexico makes a change where Fernando Herrejón comes by Erik Castillo in the position of second line where it is not used to play. This undoubtedly demonstrates with facts the sacrifice of a player looking to give their best for the collective. That increasingly values are shown in this Mexican joint.

The Jamaican team home the second most aggressive half that served the first and this for their swift number 11 advanced by the extreme right to the field taking off defenders to reach the zone of try just started the complementary part Mexican.

From that moment the party became increasingly more physical, with played strong in the middle of the field which forced the referee to stop the match more than once to reassure the momenta of the local computer. This caused that on more than one occasion were committed offences which did not allow any team to consolidate their style of play on the other.

Throughout the game the Mexican team won in the mauls, however at minute 62, after several occasions in which Jamaica down the mobile formation, Simon Pierre seeking to give continuity to the move, passing over a Jamaican player who sought to topple the formation and this makes him deserving a yellow card. 10 minutes out. 14 Mexicans against 15 of Jamaica.

This situation Mexico uses his speed game seeking to penetrate with their centers Pascal Nadaud and Christian Henning, who already had previously suffered several dubious hits by the opposing team.

Precisely in minute 65, there is an opportunity of Mexico when Pascal Nadaud manages to retrieve a ball and penetrates the rival defense, at this defending fullback arrives and hit hard the Mexican attacker at the very moment that it manages to release the ball to Fharid Samano who came to support the Mexican pressure. This move leaves free the way for Fharid record his second try of the day, unfortunately Pascal had to leave the field after such excellent assistance to battle fellow. Lucas makes the entry taking the score to 29-8.

Three minutes from the end, after a magnificent Mexican counterattack, a situation similar to the first half, scrum 10 metres from ingoal area.

This time Mexico once again manages to press and causes a clean ball to the number 8 Simon Pierre, who already was back on the Court, get out of the scrum and materialize the enormous effort of the whole team with points by checking the last 5 points that sealed the victory of Mexico in a nice afternoon of rugby.

With this result, Mexico could reach climbing place 65 to 62 in the general ranking of the iRB.


Substitutions for Mexico:

‘ 2 Fharid Sámano (Damian Arias)

‘ 40 Fernando Herrejón (Erik Castle)

‘ 44 José Reyes (Luis Rosete)

‘ 60 rich Jesus (Mizael Loredo)

‘ 65 Victor Oliva (Pascal Nadaud)

Carlos Prieto (Max Douek) 67

‘ 69 Rigel Galindo (Fharid Sámano)

‘ 72 Andrés Rodríguez (Lucas Barbieri)


Jamaica National Team: 1 Shamarr Cleary 2 Everton Richards 3 Dushane Alford 4 Shaneal Brown 5 Kemar Catnell 6 Takeem Cleary 7 Kevon Currie 8 Lemor Ellis 9 Eric Groves 10 Andrew Hylton 11 Robert Johnson 12 Omar Jones 13 Owen Linton 14 Andre McFarlane 15 Steve Miller 16 Andre Misnott 17 Trevor Norris 18 Reinhardo Richards 19 Percival Rose 20 Nicholas Rusey 21 Joseph Shae 22 Andrew Simpson 23 Orien Smith

Mexico Team: 1 Miguel Carner 2 Pascal Nadaud 3 Simon Pierre 4 Fharid Samano 5 Damian Arias 6 Lucas Barbieri 7 Roberto Calderone 8 Erik Castillo 9 Alejandro Chavez 10 Lucas Collavizza 11 Alessandro Cordone 12 Maximiliano Douek 13 Marcos Flegman 14 Christian Henning 15 Luis Hernandez 16 Fernando Herrejon 17 Mizael Loredo 18 Pablo Pagano 19 Carlos Prieto 20 Andres Rodriguez 21 Hugo Rodriguez 22 Luis Rosete  23 Alberto Ruiz

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