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Tech that Up the Game – A closer look at the latest tech innovations in Rugby

Technology makes rugby even more exciting now

Rugby Union, commonly known as rugby, has come a long way in entertaining people as a close-contact team sport. It shows close ties to soccer, basketball, and football, combining the sprinting of soccer, the transition of basketball, and the close contact teamwork of American football. The game went professional only in the mid-1990s, but it originated in 1823 in England.

But as time went on, the sport has come under the influences of technology, perhaps just like any other sport. Technological innovations have brought about significant transformations to rugby, both on and off the pitch, making it one of the most widely followed and exciting sports in the present times.

In this article, let’s take a quick look at the various tech innovations in rugby that have changed the way we look at the sport:

Rugby slot machines in online casinos

Online casino gaming has oozed out in a big way ever since digital became a phenomenon, and rugby fans can make the best use of it. Take the example of betting on casinos and slot machines. While many people still covet a win at a land-based casino in Las Vegas or any other place where casino gambling is legal, online casinos prove more convenient for anyone looking to gamble from the comfort zone of their homes.

Today, it’s not uncommon to find an online casino that offers Rugby-related slot machines. Such a technology-driven offering has certainly contributed immensely towards expanding the reach of the game, especially amongst sports bettors and rugby-loving online gamblers. There’s a huge catalog of games of varying popularity, all of which can be played conveniently and safely. That’s truly a remarkable innovation that’s also shaping the future of rugby.

Global broadcasting of rugby

Rugby World Cup is a craze amongst rugby lovers across the globe. It’s the time when the fraternity of players and spectators comes together to deliver and witness some of the best performances on the pitch. Rugby World Cup 2019 (where South Africa qualified for the semi-finals following a triumph over Japan) set a mark when World Rugby made the tournament accessible to all, irrespective of their geographic location.

People across 217 territories could watch 48 matches from across the world through online broadcasting and television. On-demand highlights of the game on YouTube became possible because of an association with Google. Real-time social media coverage and free online streaming, which were incredible initiatives by World Rugby, greatly expanded the reach of the game and engaged fans on a global scale.

Wearable tech making in-roads into rugby

Player tracking has certainly got an uplift with various wearable technologies, one of them being the GPS. Every team has 15 players, and the coach has to give personalized attention to each player. It’s important for the coach to oversee the performance of each player and assess their contribution. Whether it’s training or main matches, technology has been coming to the rescue while fulfilling the responsibilities of coaches.

GPS tracking has entered the realm of rugby with great potential. The technology enables coaches to conduct superior athletic evaluation, facilitating the analysis of speed, movements, and efficiency of players. The evaluation process is backed by real-time, super-focused data—something that can give plenty of insights to coaches. From measuring heart rates and acceleration levels to monitoring injuries and trauma, a multitude of aspects related to players come to focus with this wearable tech.


The above are some tech innovations that up the rugby game. Digital R&D is still uncovering newfangled ways to increase the share of rugby technology. Several software applications are under development to support rugby-related tech integrations. There’s huge scope for technological innovations in rugby. We can only hope that with time, these innovations become mainstream and take the game towards a brighter future.

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