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Guadeloupe Upset Dominican Republic to win RAN Trophy

Guadeloupe upset the Dominican Republic today to win the RAN Trophy. The 39-17 victory denied the Dominican Republic of any competition points, and with it Guadeloupe finish top of the table.

The 2018 RAN Trophy was a Tri Nations tournament. Guadeloupe, the Dominican Republic and Curaçao each played once at home and once on the road. Curaçao opened against the Dominican Republic, falling to a 46-17 defeat. They recovered by defeating Guadeloupe 7-5.

Guadeloupe thereby went into today’s match as the only of the three without a victory. The results from the previous matches meant that The Dominican Republic were favored to win. They also went into ranked 13 places higher in the Americas Rankings.

For the three countries today’s match brings to an end their international competition for 2018. It is hoped that in 2019 they will be joined by others in the RAN Trophy. Last month St Vincent & the Grenadines defeated St Lucia while Turks & Caicos Islands outperformed the British Virgin Islands. RAN will be working with all four to see their inclusion for the 2019 edition. .

# Country Pts
1 Guadeloupe 6
2 Dominican Republic 5
3 Curaçao 4

The RAN Trophy is the third division of RAN Senior Men’s competition. The two higher categories are the RAN Cup and the RAN Championship. Jamaica recently won the 2018 RAN Cup to earn promotion to the RAN Championship for 2019.




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